Our collection of ceramics by Adam Stinson has been limited whilst we displayed the work of Theo Carter.  However, a wider range of pieces can now be seen again!


Read about Adam's life, philosophy and process below.

Prices (ranging from £55-£90) on enquiry.

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Adam first discovered ceramics as a teenager in the early seventies, learning to throw and construct, delighted with the possibilities offered by mud and fire.


Art school followed in Falmouth and Stoke-on-Trent, studying multi-disciplinary design, where for a moment he flirted with the idea of becoming a potter.  The pragmatist won the day then, but after a commercial career as an art director, typographer, photographer and graphic designer he then retired from his final post as university lecturer and, as he had always promised himself, started to work with clay once again.


He refreshed his ideas and skills with the wonderful Alice Shepherd at Stanton Guild House before starting Hazleton Pottery at his home in the Cotswolds.

“I make my ceramic designs using a stoneware clay which I fire to about 1230 degrees in the second glaze firing. This makes the final pieces strong and durable as function is an important aspect of my philosophy.


“I’ve been using a light buff coloured clay for the past couple of years but I’m now starting to work with a whiter body which will have a greater plasticity and I’m looking forward to seeing how this impacts on the design of my pieces.


“I have a very simple approach to glazing my work, mostly using one ocean blue glaze on the pieces you see at Gallery 9, but I do sometimes combine this with a second glaze depending on the design simplicity or texture of the individual piece.”

Adam was first inspired by the work of Hans Coper and Lucie Rie and he also finds influence in traditional African pottery and industrial structures while his work is rooted in the idea of combining function with sculptural creative forms, textures and finishes.