THEO CARTER (1929-2013):

a retrospective

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Our retrospective show of work by Theo Carter, arranged on behalf of the Carter family, was received so well that we extended it to run for another week.  It closed at the end of Sunday, 3 October 2021.

We will continue to offer for sale the remainder of Theo's unframed etchings in the Gallery, and so we will, for the time being, keep her biographical background and exhibition commentary here for you to read:

THEO CARTER (1929-2013):  A Retrospective 

12 September - 3 October 2021


Whilst attending The Central School of Art & Design, Theo met and subsequently married the industrial designer, David Carter CBE.  They lived for many years in the village of Compton Abdale, which is only four miles from Northleach and which is where we came to know them.  Theo took great delight in attending the watercolour classes Donald ran in his studio at the top of Rook Hill at that time. 


Following her death in 2013, Theo's family came upon an astonishing collection of work hidden away in drawers and plans chests.  The idea of displaying some of the best of this work as a tribute was mooted and explored between the family and us at Gallery 9 shortly before the 'pandemic' hit.  Lockdowns and life intervened and it was only this month that we have been able to come together and present a show of work which encapsulates Theo's talent and sensitivity as an artist.  This exhibition is a celebration; an acknowledgement that, although Theo moved away from professional work when she began raising a family, her fine sensibility and her passion for her work never faded. 

Here we have life drawings from her time at The Central School of Art & Design, drawings of her family, the most exquisite illustrations produced for Vogue in the 1950s, watercolour paintings of the sea and landscapes of Ireland.

And then there are the etchings! Her skill and her love of the process were, as described below, quite extraordinary. 

Our cabinet displays a fascinating collection of Theo's copper etching plates, inks, tools and rollers, as well as sketchbooks and paintbrushes.

It is a real honour to be able to host this beautiful show of work on behalf of Theo's family.


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unframed etchings for sale.  every etching has a wide border.  please click on the thumbnails below.

Aspects of the exhibition